To assess the performance of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Caraga with its targets for CY 2020 operation, a Mid-Year Assessment was conducted on July 17, 2020.

EMB 13 Planning Unit facilitated the said activity virtually via Microsoft Teams. All employees convened to discuss the accomplishments, catch up plans, issues, and concerns of every division/section for the first semester of this year.

And with the said assessment, it was observed that the accomplishments for the first semester continue to be in accord with the targets, the latter being all aligned with EMB’s mandates on Clean Air, Clean Water, and Solid Waste Management. However, for some targets that were affected with COVID-19 crisis, corresponding catch up plans were presented and critiqued.

OIC Regional Director, Engr. Albert G. Arcamo commended everyone for accomplishing the targets amid COVID-19 health crisis (c. elpa).